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Adventure Tales No. 12 - The Joneseys; Hiking the outback with a 1 year old in tow

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Adventure Tales is a talk series where a low-key adventurer tells their story to a roomful of like-minded outdoorspeople and nature lovers. On the 30th of May Justin and Lauren Jones are coming down to the Adventure Merchants warehouse to talk about hiking 1800km across the Australian outback unsupported, with a 1 year old in tow!

Think having kids means pulling the plug on adventures and settling down for good? The Jonesys had other ideas…

Towing a trailer as they walked, Justin and Lauren Jones embarked on an 1800km trek across the Australian outback with their 1 year old. Why? Making a life worth living and learning through nature were big motivators – but it’s possible that Justin’s head just got a bit too cold and wet on his previous adventures (kayaking from Aus to NZ and skiing to the South Pole).

That might explain the choice to hike somewhere hot and dry as well! Come on down to hear the story first hand.

Adventure Tales 12

Adventure Tales 12 will feature our tried and tested formula: Inspirational speakers, an inner-city warehouse, craft beers from Capital Brewing and an audience begging for a kick off the couch.

As always, all profits will go to People Outdoors, a charity that helps physically and intellectually disabled people to get out and enjoy nature.

Big ups to the legends who we run this event with! She Went WildWe Are Explorers and Borja, you guys are ace.

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