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Adventure Tales no. 9 - Sarah Hyde

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It's that time again - one last time for 2018 - Adventure Tales is here, come and join us and hear the AMAZING ADVENTURE of Sarah Hyde. As always, tickets are twenty bucks, theres free beers and giveaways - and all profits go to a good cause.

Please note you are not required to print / bring any purchase confirmation - just your good self and tell us your name on the door - If you are buying for friends, just tell them to drop your name on the door as one of your guests and we will mark them off! Can't wait to see you all there! 

Join us at the brand new Bear House located at 63 Sydenham Road, Marrickville for what will be a cracker of a night! 

Adventure Tales 9 - Sarah Hyde

Doris Pilkington, Nugi Garamara, called her book, ‘Follow the Rabbit Proof Fence.’ Sarah Hyde said, ‘Ok.’

With the permission and blessing of the Pilkington family, Sarah and her team followed in the footsteps of Molly, Gracie and Daisy, whose stories were told in Doris Pilkington’s book, Follow the Rabbit Proof Fence.

In 2017, Sarah and her best mates Sophie and Kate walked 1500km along the Rabbit Proof Fence in Western Australia from Mogumber, Noongar country, north-east to Jigalong, in Martu country. They woke, ate, slept and walked alongside the fence. They traversed the Little Sandy Desert from South to North. They, like Molly, Gracie and Daisy followed the fence and it led them home.

Before, during and after the walk, Sarah and her team shared the story with over 2500 young Australians through Schools, Scouts and Girl Guides in 4 different states and territories.

Come to Adventure Tales 9 and here Sarah share those moments that led to her saying, ‘Ok.’ She will share her ‘why’ behind the walk and how her team developed with a shared goal. She will share stories like why she no longer calls Molly, Gracie and Daisy the ‘girls’ but the ‘Nannas’. She will share: Her philosophies that guided preparation and logistics of the walk; the importance of involving women, the community and young people; her tips for walking 25km a day for 70 days. She will share her story about meeting the youngest of the Nannas, who sadly passed away this year in 2018.  She will invite you to follow in the footsteps of the Nannas and the Rabbit Proof Fence and dive into getting to know this important Australian story. She will share what she has learnt about being culturally sensitive and respectful, when adventuring, to the Elders and Aboriginal Australians, past and present and to the land, waters and air we roam.

It’s a story of home, hope, and unfolding synchronicity but most of all it’s a story of love – Love on the Rabbit Proof Fence.

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