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EcoFlow Delta Max - 2000Wh

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The EcoFlow Delta Max is the ultimate all-rounder. It is powerful enough to power all your home devices making it ideal for home back-up. Also perfect for travel, allowing you fall your creature comforts such as induction cooking & coffee machines while on the road. at 21kg, you can easily use it for both

Capacity - 2000Wh (168Ah)

Expandable with up to 2 x 2000Wh Extra Batteries

Net Weight - 21 kg

Inverter Size - 2400W continuous w/ 4600W Surge

Charge Methods & Time - Versatile, fast charging options.

  • AC - 1.6 Hours (0-80% within 1 hour)
  • Car - 12- 15 Hours (12/24V Car Adaptor)
  • Solar - 6 - 8 Hours (Using 1 x 400W panel with full sun). Features built-in MPPT with 800W max input

Battery Type - NCM

Cycle Life - 800 Cycles to 80%+ capacity

Warranty - 24 months

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