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10 features you’ll want your roof top tent to have  - Adventure Merchants and Outfitters

10 features you’ll want your roof top tent to have 

So, you’re interested in roof top tents! Well you’ve come to the right place. We’re a little obsessed with roof top tent adventures, and in this blog we’ll cover 10 features you’ll want your roof top tent to have

Sleeping gear storage

Not all roof top tents are built equally. But some tents, including the Feldon Shelter range, you can store sleeping gear inside the roof top tent when it’s compacted down and not in use. By storing sleeping bags and mats inside your tent you are not taking from valuable storage room in the back of your 4WD. 

A roof top tent that is actually mildew resistant

Sure, some roof top tents claim they are mould resistant, but are they really? With a Feldon Shelter roof top tent the fabric really is mould resistant. So you can probably leave it sitting for about a week rolled up without having any issues if you don’t get a chance to dry it sooner. Some roof top tents will start to go mouldy 24 hours after they are packed wet. And nobody wants a mouldy tent. Although keep in mind, you couldn’t let it sitting wet for a month but having those extra few days up your sleeve will keep your mind at bay if you aren’t able to dry it out sooner. 

Quality waterproofing when you need it most

We all hope for perfect weather when we head out on adventures, but sadly that isn’t always the case. By having a roof top tent that has downward facing seams which are glued and taped - this allows for extra quality that won’t let you down with the rain starts to pour. 

The entire Feldon Shelter roof top tent range have downward facing seams as standard. These tents are designed for New Zealand conditions where some regions see well over 150 days of rain each year compared to Australia where most places only get under 100 days of rain per year. So why not buy a tent you can trust when the weather turns? 

Sneaky storage that you’ll never expect

By having a roof top tent that boasts sneaky storage areas and pouches will ensure you don’t lose parts and you can keep you tent tidy whilst impressing your better half.  We suggest you look for a roof top tent that has integrated straps to roll up the cover so you can access all parts of your vehicle. Simple but it makes sense. Did you know you can also purchase roof top tents that have shoe pockets so you don’t have to leave them at the bottom of the ladder with the spiders and creepy crawls. Yep, that’s another feature you’ll want to include. 

Also check for spring poles that are integrated so they are right by the ladder, you don’t want to misplace any and then need to buy replacements parts, because we’ve heard too many stories about people losing their spring poles. Rookie mistake in our books. 

And the last thing to look for with sneaky storage is an extended cargo, something that cheaper models won’t include. By having an extended cargo net you can let your things dry out after they get wet. 

Big tick on marine grade stainless steel

Given your roof top tent will be exposed to all the elements, salty sea air and water included, you want a tent that has the most important components such as hinges and eyelets made from marine grade stainless steel and anodised aluminium poles in the main structure so they won’t corrode or rust. Why substitute on quality? This will save you from buying spare parts. 

Given these tents are facing the elements you want the extra quality in your gear to last the true test of time.  

Large windows to take in the view 

Not only will large windows ensure you can create that indoor-outdoor feeling, BUT it is also very functional too. When you roll up the awnings of your roof top tent you’ll be able to take advantage of the cross breeze, perfect for Australian camping on those warmer summer mornings. Once you feel that breeze the beautiful views will be the consultation prize. 

Curved roof design for aero dynamics

Camping in the rain can be difficult, but strong winds are also not a welcome travel companion. The Feldon Shelter roof top tents curved roof design makes it aero dynamic providing extra support when the wind is howling. It also stops water from pooling up on the roof. Furthermore, the curved design increases strength and holds more weight; which is a vital element if you want to camp in snowy conditions. Budget roof top tents don’t have the same stability and will flap around in the wind, as well as fail in rain and snow. If you don’t want to be limited by the elements, ensure the roof top tent you choose will withstand harsh weather.

Zip, zip, zip away

Quality zips are essential in any camping gear, roof top tents included - on inferior tents they are one of the first things to fail. You don’t want a zip that is going to fail allowing driving rain inside the travel cover. That will soak your tent through before you’ve even set up camp. We often hear stories about cheap zips failing on the travel cover, and if it’s not under warranty, then it may be difficult to replace not to mention the headaches of dealing with warranty. Avoid this hassle straight away and only purchase a roof top tent that boasts quality zippers, Feldon Shelter tents come standard with YKK Zippers, they run smooth, are heavy duty, extremely reliable and require no lubrication to keep them in tip-top condition.

A ridiculously strong base

Just like your home, strong foundations build a strong structure. Feldon Shelter roof top tents have the strongest base of any roof top tent on the market. With extra reinforcement, the regular tent has more strength than it’s nearest competitor using a sandwich aluminium construction reinforcement whilst, the Extended model, has a honeycomb aluminium composite base for even stronger support, in fact it is four times stronger than regular bases.The robust base created by the legends of Feldon is literally the base of the strongest tent on the market.

A quality travel cover for protection 

We recommend that you ensure your roof top tent comes with a reinforced travel cover so it doesn’t wear. Especially if you’re planning to leave your tent mounted to the car year-round, the quality in your travel cover will help protect your tent from the elements. The other thing to consider is what happens to the cover when you set up camp - the Feldon Shelter Crow’s Nest all have integrated straps that allow you to roll up your travel cover out of the way of the doors on your vehicle, giving you access to your set up; unlike a majority of the competitors that you completely remove the travel cover from the tent base and store it in the vehicle if you want it out of the way - we prefer things simple; don’t you?

And that’s a wrap on our 10 features you’ll want your roof top tent to have. If you have any questions or would like to know more information about purchasing your roof top tent through Adventure Merchants and Outfitters please call us on 02 7955 9005 or fill out the contact form. We can’t wait to share our knowledge with you about roof top tents.

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