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Suspension Upgrades




Suspension is pretty important, right? Not only is it important to the a safety of you and your passengers, having the right suspsension set up will make your ride comfortable, and get you where you need to go.

Let Adventure Merchants and Outfitters assist you in putting together a suspension system suitable to your needs. We have access to the best suspension products on the market and we'll be able to guide you to the right set up for your 4wd.

superior engineering

Does your 4WD deserve the very best? Superior Engineering are one of the best known, Premium 4WD Suspension & 4x4 Accessories manufacturer and suppliers in Australia.

At Adventure Merchants, we choose to recommend Superior Engineering because they use the highest quality materials and expert workmanship to produce premium 4X4 products.

tough dog suspension

Tough Dog has been “making tracks across the world” since 1984, and have grown rapidly as a result of the excellent reputation their quality gear commands. Today, Tough Dog products are sought after the world over, and the distribution network spans 42 countries around the world. With some of the harshest conditions right here in Australia to test out products, the gear that makes it to the market is a cut above the rest.


Start planning your ultimate touring vehicle.

Quality first

We only sell gear that's the best on the market. And we know it's the best because we've tried them all. Our philosophy is simple, if the product doesn't meet our high expectations then we won't sell it.

Ask a question

Have a question? Whether it's about gear to use on a 14 day hiking trip, roof top tent requirements, or storage solutions for your 4WD.... Send us a message or call us on 02 9560 9770. We love hearing from our customers.

Sydney workshop

Our Sydney workshop specialises in building the ultimate touring vehicles for overland adventures. Our business was built on passion and our team of experts can fit out your vehicle with quality products backed by precision installation.  

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