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Brad's Ford Ranger


Brad and his wife are mountain bike enthusists. They decided that they wanted to be able to travel further, for longer so they invested in a brand spanker Ford Ranger Wildtrack. The key components of this project were storage, water supply, sleeping and the ability to take the vehicle anywhere it needed to go. We finalised a drawer design where we could integrate water storage, as well as being able to access his fridge and electrical switching. Brad opted for the Red Arc Red Vision system to be installed so we had to make the touch screen easily accessible. The great feature of the Red Vision system is that it can be controlled from a smartphone app, so there's no need to get out of bed in the middle of the night if you forgot to switch something off, or just want to check the battery status (and don't we love checking it, guys)

We transformed this work ute into a tourer that's ready to tackle pretty much anything. If you see something you like, contact us and we'd be happy to talk through the details with you.

Some if the accessories we fitted to this Ranger are:

Easy Acsess Combo 1 Drawer System | RV Storage Solutions

Red Vision Full Management System | Red Arc

Canopy | RSI

LED Interior Lights

On Board Water Supply with 55L Water Tank & Pump

Dual Tank Air Compressor

Custom Fabricated Boards & Bracketry For Mounting


Start planning your ultimate touring vehicle.

Quality first

We only sell gear that's the best on the market. And we know it's the best because we've tried them all. Our philosophy is simple, if the product doesn't meet our high expectations then we won't sell it.

Ask a question

Have a question? Whether it's about gear to use on a 14 day hiking trip, roof top tent requirements, or storage solutions for your 4WD.... Send us a message or call us on 02 9560 9770. We love hearing from our customers.

Sydney workshop

Our Sydney workshop specialises in building the ultimate touring vehicles for overland adventures. Our business was built on passion and our team of experts can fit out your vehicle with quality products backed by precision installation.  

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