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Wanting a Drawer System in your 4WD? - Adventure Merchants and Outfitters

Wanting a Drawer System in your 4WD?

“My problem is I have too much storage space”
-Said no 4wd owner ever!

Utilising the storage space in your vehicle is not only vital to the enjoyment of your road tripping adventures, but you’ll be impressed with how organised your vehicle is every day. We install A LOT of 4WD storage solutions and draw systems in our Sydney workshop, so we know exactly how you'll want to start planning your setup. 

Take a look at what storage you have in your vehicle right now.

Here’s a multiple choice question...When you look in the back of your vehicle, what do you see?

  1. Wet clothes from last week’s surfing adventure.
  2. A set of jumper leads covered in dog hair and a packet of cable ties.
  3. A strewn out mess of reusable plastic bags and one chopstick.
  4. All of the above.

A quality set of drawers will keep your gear organised & accessible. There’s nothing more satisfying than closing up the drawers, full of all your ‘things’ and it all just disappears under the floor. 

In the back of your vehicle, it may look like you have a heap of room to stack your life’s collections from floor to roof. The fact is that the vast majority of us only stack about two thirds of the way high before you wonder how you’re ever going to open the back door again without getting buried when it all falls out. This is where a quality set of drawers will give you back the storage space you lose at the top of your boot space.

How will drawers work for me?

If you’re like us, you probably clean your car out every couple of months and find things that you forgot were there and have never used. Then you plonk it all back in some sort of order that is guaranteed to get out of control again. When I travel in my 4wd, I like to take with me pretty much everything I own, even if for only one night. I’d rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. Having a set of drawers is like having your own little Marie Kondo watching over you, making sure everything you take has its place.

There are a number of alternative drawer configurations on the market, and there’s no solution that Adventure Merchants can’t offer. To bust through any confusion on which set is right for you, you’ll need to consider what you are going to want to store. Many of today’s main travel items come in their own neat kits or storage bags. Think first aid kit, jump starter, recovery gear, tools etc. You can pack and stack these items in your drawers neater than Ikea’s linen department and slide them out of sight until you need to access them.


Image: Just a lil' 4WD draw system installed at our Sydney workshop

You will need to think about what items you are going to want to access more than others. Having these items accessible in your drawers will allow you to easily access them whenever you like, without having to completely unpack your boot.

Where are you going to take your vehicle? If you’re going to be travelling far and wide, you want reliability. As with any product you’ll find here at Adventure Merchants, we sell brands that we trust. There’s some cheap and nasty stuff out there, and they have the quality and service to match.

I’m after a system that is more customised to my needs.

Beautiful. You’ve come to the right place then. We have a range of drawer systems available to suit any need and budget. 

RV Storage Solutions have a range of drawer systems that can be customised in many configurations. They offer a choice of two heights (275mm or 365mm) so if you have larger items to be stored, this is a great option. RV Storage Solutions systems can be customised with fridge slides, tie down loops as well as add-on accessories like cargo barriers and additional shelving. Made right here in Australia for 30 years, they are a market leading brand in vehicle customised storage. Lifetime Warranty is available on their premium range of systems. Ahhhh….peace of mind :)

Frontrunner have come up with a system that lets you store your items in individual boxes. This is a great way to transfer your gear easily from the vehicle to the campsite, or in the house. The boxes are stackable to reduce your footprint. This is a great solution for customising your own storage configurations.

On top of these awesome suppliers, we can customise a system just for you, if that’s what you’re after. We’re pretty savvy when it comes to making storage suited to your specific needs.

So if you think you would like to treat your pride and joy to some extra storage, contact us today to let us take you through the options available for your vehicle at our Sydney workshop. The only things you won’t be able to store in them are the memories from your travels.

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