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Yeti Rambler 10oz Wine Tumbler MagSlider Lid



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The MagSlider Lid means enjoying drinks from our Rambler Tumblers without worrying about splashes on the go. Unlike other closeable drink lids, ours harness the power of magnets (yep, real magnets) for smooth opening and closing, and have a crystal clear lid so you can always see if you’re in need of a top off. Our magnet technology also makes for easy cleaning — you can pop the MagSlider off, rinse, dry, and return it to the YETI Slider Lid. And the MagSlider Lid is dishwasher safe and shatter-resistant, just like the rest of our Rambler accessories.

See what size Rambler MagSlider Lid fits your Rambler:
Small: 10 oz Wine Tumbler, 10 oz Tumbler
Medium: 10 oz Lowball, 10 oz Mug, 24 oz Mug, 20 oz Tumbler
Large: 14 oz Mug, 30 oz Tumbler

Please note:
This lid is not compatible with Rambler Bottles or Jugs.
The MagSlider Lid is not leakproof and will not prevent spills.
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