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The Tack - Heavy Duty Ground Sheet Peg

Red Roads Camping & Outdoor

Product image 1The Tack - Heavy Duty Ground Sheet Peg
Product image 2The Tack - Heavy Duty Ground Sheet Peg
Product image 3The Tack - Heavy Duty Ground Sheet Peg

Regular price $2.50

Have you noticed tent pegs evolving over the years? No longer do we campers have to settle for a peg that bends upon the first strike due to the poorly designed bend at the head of the peg.

All Red Road Tent Pegs offer what we call a straight-through design - picture a nail being hammered into a piece of wood - our pegs are designed to hammer into ground in the same way.

This is the inspiration for the Tent Peg we call The Tack. Made from carbon steel, finished in a black coating and capped off with a button head. Unlike our other pegs, there is no lug on the side, making this sit flush to the ground, reducing tripping hazard and making it perfect for use with Ground Sheets. When it is time to remove The Tack, if the ground is so hard, use our Red Roads Tack-Plate which attaches over the Button Head and extract it with our Strike Hammer Claw (photos for reference only, items not included).

The Tack is currently available in our best selling length of 30cm (12"), which has a diameter of 9.8mm and weighs 180gms.

Looking for a complete set, look no further than the Tack-Pack

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