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Ultralight Sleeping Mat

Sea To Summit

Product image 1Ultralight Sleeping Mat
Product image 2Ultralight Sleeping Mat
Product image 3Ultralight Sleeping Mat
Product image 4Ultralight Sleeping Mat

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The Ultralight Mat

Sea to Summit set out to design a mat that was better than what was already available. ‘Better’ is of course a very subjective ambition: while we could have made the lightest, or the most compact mat ever designed, we ultimately went back to why we carry a sleeping mattress into the wild in the first place — to give us a better night’s sleep. We’re really proud to present what we consider to be the most comfortable sleeping mattresses available.

  • Includes an Airstream™ Pump that is integrated into the stuff sack for quick and easy inflation (not much more than one breath and your comfy night sleep is good to go)
  • The unique Air Sprung Cells conform to your body shape, providing a more even dispersion of pressure across the mattress - in laymen's terms it sets you up for a more comfortable nights sleep
  • The ultra-light range has a single layer of medium resolution cells to give you the lightest and smallest pack-volume mattress.
  • Multi-function valve provides fast inflate, deflate and easy fine-tuning for personalised comfort.
  • Extrusion TPU lamination is vastly superior to roll-to-roll lamination, helping to prevent delamination.
  • Multi-function valve provides fast inflate, deflate and easy fine-tuning for personalised comfort.

Mat fabric: 100% Nylon. Stuff Sack: 100% Nylon. Valve: 100% TPU. Valve flap: 100% Silicone

  • Extra Small: 296G
  • Small: 345G
  • Regular: 395G
  • Large: 495G
Width x Height x Depth
  • 55CM x 128CM x 5CM
  • 55CM x 168CM x 5CM
  • 55CM x 184CM x 5CM
  • 55CM x 201CM x 5CM


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