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The Urban List and us - Adventure Merchants and Outfitters

The Urban List and us

With overseas travel currently on hold we've seen an increase in overlanding enquires. We recently sat down with @urbanlistsyd and we schooled them on overlanding and eco-conscious camping. 

In this article we chat about some of our favourite adventures, our off-the-beaten-track hotspots and best ways to be an eco-conscious camper. 

The start of the article reads as follows: 

"We all work hard, and we certainly all deserve a getaway to relax. But in a year which has been so straining for Sydneysiders, the overseas travel plans which usually give us life and rest have all been cancelled by the very thing causing us extra stress. Luckily, we live in an incredibly picturesque country with endless holiday, camping and adventuring spots. This summer, it's time to look in our own backyard and explore the holiday ideas we too often overlook."

One Sydney adventure connoisseur wanting to help you do just that is Brendan Ives, with his shop, Adventure Merchants and Outfitters. Located in the heart of Marrickville, the newly renovated warehouse space and studio have all the gear and advice you need for your Sydney escape, camping plans, and overlanding. So, what's overlanding?

"To me, overlanding is travelling from point A to point B, with your own vehicle," says Ives. "It's that journey from one point to another where you can stop anywhere in between with your own vehicle."

If you want to read the rest, then head over to the Urban List website by clicking here. 

The full article takes about 10 minutes to read and it's packed with plenty of info about us, our adventures and info on how you can better your adventures. 

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